Transportation options for touring

To get around visiting the temples, you have a few options. You can ride on the back of a motorbike or hire either a tuk tuk or car with driver. The back of a motorbike is cheap and looks like it gives a good adrenalin kick but comfort and safety... not so sure. A car offers all the comforts of home but that's also it's drawback - it offers all the comforts of home.

The fun of the tuk tuk

I found the tuk tuk to be the perfect combination. You can sit and stretch out, you're protected from the sun, with the flaps down protected from the rain, you get a great breeze as you zip along, with a good driver you feel safe (although there are inevitably a few mildly 'harrowing' moments regardless of how you get about) and the ride is comfortable enough. The maximum speed they can go - given the small engine and road conditions - is slow enough that you can take in the cool stuff as you drive along but fast enough to cover a surprising amount of ground in a day.

Great news! Expansion!

Thanks to Savuth's great service and our past guests, we now often have enough guests that Savuth can also help out a few of his best mates and now work-partners when he is booked.These are all very experienced drivers and totally trustworthy and personable fellows. I also know each of these guys personally. Our guests seem to be very happy with all these great guys.

Savuth also has some excellent mates in his network to arrange a good minivan, car or licensed guide. Its a wonderful feeling knowing that some other fine and deserving fellows and their families can also be helped in this way! So no matter when you are coming or what your needs may be, we can always arrange a great solution.


Savuth's tuk tuk services

Airport and bus pick-up and drop-off

Rate to and from Siem Reap area hotels is $6 for the airport or for bus. For pick-ups, Savuth will greet you with a sign.


Touring the temples, Tonle Sap and other area attractions

The basic day rate is between $15 - $20 for the most popular touring routes including the small circuit, the grand circuit, the Rolous Group, the silk farm or a day around the sights within Siem Reap.

For a complete overview of the prices of pretty much everything one can do with the tuk tuk, drop me a line using our handy contact form


Planning your schedule

 My experience was, even after all my pre-trip planning, that in the end it's best to sit down with Savuth once you arrive and make the planning. Let him know what you're interested in seeing and how much time you have. In that way you can decide together what the optimal itinerary is to cover the most ground in your desired tempo. Savuth knows of course which temples are crowded when and where you can be for sunrise and sunset.


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