Meet and greet

One of the highlights of my trip was getting to know the locals. And that included Savuth and his family. As my final day was approaching on my first trip Savuth asked if I would like to see the village he lived in, meet his family and share a simple Cambodian meal. Of course I jumped at the chance and I am very happy I did. It was a great experience all around and I can tell you that the food was delicious.

Savuth would be more than happy to show you his village, to introduce his family and even share a meal. When I asked him how much he would ask, he was too humble to name a price. He suggested that the guest give whatever he or she feels is appropriate. I would suggest something like $5 plus $10 - $15 if you will be enjoying a meal with the family.


I encourage you to take advantage of the chance. I am sure it will become one of the dear and lasting memories from your trip.



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